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Keep it canon. Keep it clean.
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Atlanta by SoraNamae

It's the second time that I do a critique on art material, and I will say these: PURE AWESOMENESS!!! And of course, the influence of an...

Ballad of Mecha Pinkie Pie 14 by FlamingoRich

I may not be a high-ranking art critic, but, let me tell you this. For me, Vector is a very intriguing and interesting art technique, a...


Cy-Kill: Animated by VectorMagnus2011
Cy-Kill: Animated
Cy-Kill. That name brings me memories. Among the Decepticons, he's the most fierce; ruthless; and merciless among my loyal warriors; the irony of this is that he is also my most worthy rival. In my days as gladiator in Kaon's Grand Arena, Cy-Kill was the most popular of all fighters, and he was invencible. Even Lugnut, with all his strength and might, was no match to him. Then, the day had come, when I had the honor to challenge him in single combat. It lasted for five solar cycles; non-stop! No one had ever imagined how long it would last. At the end, I won, but only after Cy-Kill collapsed and fell, after losing too much energon. According to the rules of combat, he had to be terminated, but I  refuse to carry out that request, and I spare him. (Note aside, I found out, on Earth's historical files that the humans also carry out gladiatorial fights, in an ancient city called ROME. Seems that we, Cybertronians, and the Earthlings are not quite dissimilar.)

When the Decepticon movement started out from the Destrons, I, and Cy-Kill, join it; and after overthrowing Megazarak, and becoming the leader of the Decepticons, Cy-Kill became the most vocal supporter; and one of my field commanders in the Great Cybertronian War.Following our defeat, and the forced exile of the Decepticons, Cy-Kill opted to start a new cycle of life, as a mercenary; fighting at any conflict in the galaxy, to the highest bidder. Last time, I hear that Cy-Kill have a fembot partner, Crasher, and another warrior, Cop-Tur, working together on their trade, and they have established a partnership with Lockdown. I wonder if I'm going to see him again. I hope so, because i am in need of loyal warriors, even if he was my adversary in my past. Unlike that treacherous Starscream!


Cy-Kill is already known for all the Transformers fans, as he was the main villain in the GOBOTS toys, from Tonka. In the Allspark Almanac II, he was introduced in the page of the Maccadams section; but, in the updated, and COMPLETE ALLSPARK ALMANAC, he got the Derrick J. Wyatt treatment!!! He made the head, while I made an Animated body, based on the toy design. In the Malgus universe, he's still a Decepticon, but working as a mercenary, and occasional bounty hunter.

Hope you like it.
Greetings! To anyone who still loves Transformers Animated, here's something that you should know: I'm having a series of contacts with Derrick J. Wyatt concerning the new renditions of the Transformers that appear on the COMPLETE ALLSPARK ALMANAC. So far, the names of these Transformers have been revealed. These are the names:


And, there's something that he told me at :iconaskfmplz:…

Yep. While he's very busy with his secret stuff, that may involve toys, Mr. Wyatt will be doing body designs for these Animated incarnations of the Transformers. When it will happen? If that happens, I let you know. And this ain't April Fool's joke.

Oh yeah, Discord appears there, on page 324 of the COMPLETE ALLSPARK ALMANAC, as a guest.


Update! Derrick J. Wyatt reply me to a question that I made at his :iconaskfmplz: account.  Here's the link:…

And this:…

Yep!  Animated Barricade is like his "Bayverse" counterpart! It deserves this: :iconexplodeplz:


Jose B. Torres Medina
Puerto Rico
Hello to everyone.It's a great honor to join in your community of Deviants. I join because I love drawing.I always like to draw everything;funny thing is that I was born with it. I never took art lessons; I just practiced;watching the different styles; trying to mimic and testing my skills and imporoving. But now, things are different. I'm new on this internet stuff,and everything is done using the computer as a tool for artworks,althought the traditional methods are still being used and accepted in your online gallery.There are still to much to learn for me in this area,like downloading;electronic transfering; and the means of how to handle a printer with a scanner(if I have one) so I can send any good copies of any drawing that I could made for submission (no way of risking sending the original if there's no guaranties of getting back.).For the moment,I'll gonna ejoy the excitement;curiosity;mistery; intriguing and curious world of Devianart. Thank you very much.

Current Residence: Arecibo,Puerto Rico.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: x-large
Print preference: ?
Favourite genre of music: '70s;'80s;'90s; anime related and movie soundtracks.
Favourite style of art: Anime-style; Digital art and traditional.
Operating System: None
MP3 player of choice: None
Shell of choice: ?
Wallpaper of choice: ?
Skin of choice: ?
Favourite cartoon character: Sari Sumdac (Transformers Animated)
Personal Quote: "Today,in the name of freedom,we take the battle to them"-Optimus Prime.

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Hammer Blast is an Autobot that transforms into a blue Volkswagen car. He is shown to be comical, silly, childish, and somewhat mischievous and has to obey warnings for the Autobots. Hammer Blast is a bit overdramatic and also has a tendency to yell and panic easily, making exaggerated facial expressions while he does this. He is also said to be very relaxed, positive, and calm. Hammer Blast's weaponry includes an arm-mounted cannon that shoots explosive bombs, a mallet, and two electric hands that revives Autobots and kills Decepticons. When he's goes all goofy, Hammer Blast say weird things.…
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1.He posted artwork, my artwork, without permission.
2.He was doing the "troll" to me and other people.
3.He never show some courtesy.

That's the three reasons.
Tell him that if that's how he acts, then I'll be forced to keep blocking or hiding comments that could be disrespectful. There's always someone who want to punk me or anyone else. So, I punk him back.

And, he's not dealing with a 20 something boy; I'm a 46 years-old man.

Thank You for the message, and it's okay, you can visit, and fave my stuff, anytime.
Sonicvt Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2015
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